Astronaut Light

Astronaut Light

Astronaut Light

Takes you a million miles away without moving an inch.

Astronaut Light takes you out of this world any time, any place, and turns any space into your own little corner of the universe.

Simply turn Astronaut on, point at your ceiling or wall, and voilà!

Your ceiling opens up, your roof disappears, and right before you is a sky full of stars scattered around a slowly swirling nebula.

The cloud actually appears 3-D.

With smoky clumps that sweep from the center out... turning translucent as they glide to the outermost edges of the galaxy before vanishing into thin air.

One look and you're lost in the cosmos, and never looking back.

7 vibrant colors.

Astronaut Light projecting a red galaxy on the wall.


Astronaut Light projecting a blue galaxy on the wall.


Astronaut Light projecting a green galaxy on the wall.


Astronaut Light projecting a purple galaxy on the wall.

Red + Blue

Astronaut Light projecting a red and green galaxy on the wall.

Red + Green

Astronaut Light projecting a green and blue galaxy on the wall.

Green + Blue

Astronaut Light projecting a rainbow galaxy on the wall.

Red + Green + Blue

+ Light Show Mode which fades between all the different colors.

in any direction.

The 360-degree rotating head lets you point it exactly where you want it — with just a twist!

Magnets attach his head to his body so it swivels smoothly and doesn't fall off when you turn it.

Control your galaxy from far, far away

Long distance relay-tionship. The remote control works from up to 50 feet away, and from all directions thanks to a 360-degree IR receiver.

Nebula controls. Change colors, dim it or make it bright, slow it down or speed it up, or make it stay still.

Star controls. Dim the stars, make them breathe in and out fast or slow or stay on solid, or turn off the stars to show just the nebula.

No remote? No problem.

Quick controls on the back. If your remote gets lost in space, Astronaut has your back — with three buttons on the back that also control things.

Doubles as décor.

Form factor meets wow factor. A galaxy projector cleverly disguised as a lil spaceman, Astronaut Light makes a cosmically cool decoration anywhere you put the little fella.

An all-around

With seven stunning nebula colors, a fitting new astronaut design, and a magnetic head that swivels in any direction smoothly and effortlessy... Astronaut Light is an all-around head-turner. Any way you look at it.

Your personal galaxy.
With a matching personality to match.

Look who just landed in our orbit! Say hello to Astronaut Light and prepare for
lift-off. Simply switch it on and you're instantly taken to infinity and beyond.

Turn your ceiling into a
slowly swirling spiral galaxy.

Astronaut Light shines a stunning sky full of stars around a
slowly swirling nebula cloud that takes center stage on your ceiling...

...on your wall, or anywhere you aim it!

A projection
in any direction.

The 360-degree rotating head lets you adjust the angle with a twist.

A revolution in the making.

The built to tilt helmet swivels up, down, left, and right smoothly
and effortlessly thanks to two magnets in the spacesuit.

So you can adjust to the exact angle you need – and it stays just where you want.

Seven vibrant colors.

The Astronaut projects seven stunning nebula colors.

You can make it all Red, all Blue, or all Green.

Then there are the four multicolor clouds:

There's Red & Blue (Purple), or Green & Blue (Aqua)...


Then there's Red & Green, or Red, Blue, & Green (Rainbow).

You can make it any of these colors or make it fade between
all seven different colors for a mesmerizing light show.

Vibrant, vivid, 3-D visuals

Translucent layers of gas and dust add depth and dimension for a 3-D effect,
while new approaches to motion and animation create cloud patterns that are
constantly-changing before your eyes. The result is that each and every view
appears new — like nothing you've seen before, and like nothing you'll see again.

Look at the stars, look
how they shine for you.

Instead of being geometric and gridlike, the stars are scattered randomly
across the room with some big and some small for a more realistic star pattern.

Control your galaxy
from far, far away.

You can control your galaxy from across the room with the remote control.
The Astronaut's omni-directional receiver can pick up a signal from 50 feet away.


Nebula controls let you change cloud colors, dim it or make it brighter, and slow down or speed up the rotation. You can also turn it off to show just stars. 

Star controls let you dim the stars or make them brighter, make them breathe in and out fast or slow or stay on solid, or turn them off to show just the nebula.

Doubles as a decoration.

The cutest lil light since the Pixar Lamp, Astronaut combines the coolness of a projector with the quality and aesthetics of modern art or a collectible vinyl toy.

The figure stands 9-inches tall, making a cool little decoration on your night stand, dresser, desk, or shelf and giving any room the character it deserves!

You can even move the arms up or down to create different poses and further bring the Astronaut's personality to life.

An all-around head turner.

With 3-D effects that immerse you in your own galaxy, a rotating head that
lets you adjust the angle, and an Astronaut design that brings things full circle...

Astronaut Light is an all-around head turner. No matter how you look at it!